The second publication from the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, timed to the entry into force of the new SINPA on the prevention of viral hepatitis.

Since the beginning of the summer, new sanitary regulations “Prevention of viral hepatitis B” have come into effect. We continue to understand how to protect yourself from a dangerous virus and what is supposed to be ill.

It’s hard to get rid of – it’s easy to protect yourself


Myth one: chronic hepatitis B (CHB), like AIDS, can not be cured, death from it is inevitable.

True: HCV treatment is underway, and 45% of patients do not show a hepatitis virus by the end of the course. The rest as a result of treatment sharply reduces the viral load, improves the quality of life and, most importantly, significantly reduces the risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer. And yet, if we compare hepatitis with AIDS, we must admit: CHB is more contagious, in particular, sexually transmitted hepatitis B is transmitted 4 times more often than HIV.

Myth two: chronic hepatitis B is treated only with imported drugs, which are insanely expensive (tens of thousands of dollars for one course).

True: there are domestic drugs that are significantly cheaper. In the regional preferential programs (see below), both our and foreign medicines are used – specify which preparations can be obtained in your area (krai, republic, etc.). Doctors say: Russian antiviral medicines, alas, have much stronger adverse side effects.

Myth three: if the tests gave a positive result, you need a heavy course of antiviral treatment.

True: antiviral course is not always appointed. Some people have enough general maintenance therapy for drugs that improve the liver. There are categories of patients who are recommended only for constant monitoring with a doctor with periodic liver examinations.

Myth four: vaccination against hepatitis B is dangerous for those who have weakened liver (due to illnesses, taking antibiotics, alcohol, etc.) – the body can not withstand the load of the vaccine, and the infection will begin.

True: the inoculation from CHBV can not provoke the disease with hepatitis. Moreover, the introduction of the vaccine is considered a method of emergency prophylaxis of hepatitis B. So, if there was a contact with the patient, the virus got into the body and within a week after that the vaccine will be made, the disease will not start. This is because vaccination increases immunity, which helps to neutralize the virus while it is still weak.

Vaccination – free of charge, treatment – “not for everyone”

We analyze the main questions about the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B with the head of the department of national priority projects of Roszdravnadzor Evgeny NIKONOV

Is it possible to do a blood test for hepatitis free of charge, including if there are no complaints, but do you want to be checked for control, “for every fireman”?

Any citizen has the right to free-of-charge check if he has a hepatitis B virus. This can be done in two ways:

To address in the specialized Center on preventive maintenance and struggle against AIDS – such is in each region, coordinates can be learned on the reference.

In the center, blood will be taken for free to diagnose hepatitis B without asking for any documents, but it will be necessary to name the name. To obtain the result of the analysis, a passport is presented.

If the result is positive, the citizen’s data is entered into the information center of the center (there is no single national registry for today), but they are not transferred anywhere because they are medical secrets.

Contact the district clinic, to which you are affiliated, with a compulsory medical insurance (MHI) policy.

Go to an appointment with the therapist and ask for a referral for a blood test to diagnose hepatitis B for prevention. To refuse you have no right, even if there are no complaints and dangerous situations when infection could occur (contacts with the patient, blood transfusion, etc.).

If the result of the primary analysis – for the presence of antibodies to the hepatitis B virus – turned out to be positive, then an additional examination is required. To go through it for free, you need to take a referral to a clinic for diagnosis in a specialized hepatology center (they are in most regions). But keep in mind that you will have to wait for reception in the queue – perhaps up to one month.

By the way

Those who have tests for hepatitis B mandatory (pregnant women, hospital patients, etc. – see the whole list in “KP” – Health “on May 28 and on the site, they donate blood and get results for free, if treated or observed in municipal or state hospitals and clinics.

Can I get a vaccination free of charge?

Yes! Within the framework of the national project “Health”, enough funds have been allocated for the purchase of vaccines against hepatitis B – so that not only children who are routinely vaccinated according to the National Calendar of Inoculations, but also to all wishing adults.

For free vaccination on your own initiative, you need to contact the MHI policy in your clinic. You begin with the appointment with the therapist – see the procedure for the delivery of tests for hepatitis. By the way, before an inoculation the analysis is obligatory.

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