Everyone has his own medical history. I’ll tell my own, maybe something will be interesting to someone or it will help someone not to get scared of the disease.

In June 2006, I went to a private medical center for comprehensive testing for STDs, just for prevention and tranquility. Within the framework of this check, hepatitis markers were taken. We found markers of hepatitis C. We sent to the municipal infectious diseases hospital for a detailed analysis.

There I did (for money, as it does not fall under MHI) a complete PCR study (cipher “D” + HCV RNA + spectrum) that detected HCV RNA in the blood plasma. The genotype of the hepatitis virus is 1b, i.e. the most difficult to treat. All liver indicators (thymol test, ALT, AST, total bilirubin TBIL, direct bilirubin DBIL) – everything was normal.

August 2006

The infectious disease doctor put the official diagnosis – a chronic HCV of a minimal degree of activity, a replicative phase. Those. the virus does not rage much, but it multiplies. They also put on the official register in the register of patients with hepatitis C.

Have registered:

  • abdominal ultrasound;
  • infectionist surveillance;
  • diet;
  • multivitamins (the “alphabet” is hepatic, immune)
  • imunofan 1ml. in / m, 2 times a week N10;
  • Amyxin, 0,125 30 tablets according to the scheme: pevrye 2 days for 1 ton per day, then 1 ton every other day – up to 20 tablets, the last 10 tablets 1 ton. 2 times a day for 5 days.
  • hepabene (or a similar hepatoprotector).
  • control of hepatic parameters.

As you can see, common things and simple immunostimulation, no “heavy artillery”.

Immediately made an ultrasound – everything was fine with the liver.

About the diet I will write separately. This also includes a complete refusal of alcohol and tobacco. I did not abuse it, but here I left everything at once. It was easy, I must say. And in a couple of months – even cool! For example, he began to run up the stairs, which previously appeared shortness of breath. It started to turn from the fumes in the transport and the smell from the smoked people. The sense of smell and taste increased – began to get more pleasure from eating. In the food itself, I refused chocolate, roast, pork, fatty, spicy, soda. But he did not inflict too much on himself. Suppose, 3% of milk drank quietly, ate baking in moderation. In general, just limiting the extremes – and so ate everything, not just kashki on the water. There are books with prescriptions for liver diseases (look also on the blog information about the diet) – there is a fairly diverse menu that can be taken as a basis. But eating in the diet is secondary. And I sometimes at will largely left the diet – once every six months I ate pork shish kebab, or bitter chocolate, for example (especially since the latter can even be useful). The main thing is a complete refusal of alcohol, various chemical drinks and extremes in food.

What I took in addition to the prescribed:

  • usual cholagogue collection from the pharmacy as written on the package;
  • mummy;
  • beet juice 3 courses a year for 10 days. In the juicer did a gram of 100 juice and saws. Sometimes diluting the opposite taste with apple or carrot juice.
  • oats decoction.

I gave out every six months a general blood test in the regional polyclinic. Sometimes something was jumping – albumin, or bilirubin. But the therapist did not say anything in this connection – I did not. Maybe in vain.

November 2008

I decided to go to the infectious disease specialist once more. It’s time, and then so halyavno to treat health can not. It is necessary to visit the doctor at least once a year, and not in two and a half. Before the visit to the doctor did ultrasound of internal organs in the regional polyclinic – it was normal, but they found cholecystitis. I also did a PCR test and a general blood test before going. And here is an interesting thing! I passed the analysis on HCV, but it was lost, the doctor was brought only by hepatic parameters. Accordingly, the doctor did not know that there should be a PCR analysis, and I thought he had it. Everyone forgot about this PCR. Keep following.

After taking the doctor wrote:

Diagnosis: chronic viral hepatitis C with a minimal degree of activity.


  • infectionist surveillance;
  • diet;
  • multivitamins;
  • cholagogue grass;
  • hofitol 2t. 2 times a day – 10 days;
  • imunofan 1ml. in / m, 2 times a week N10;
  • hepatoprotectors (hepabene, etc.).
  • repeated PCR-study.

Well, I’m che. Have told or said, again PTSR to hand over – has handed over. And there – HCV RNA in blood plasma – “negative.”  I went to the doctor, and she also found the tests that I had given a month earlier and which we both lost. And there too was “negative”! The doctor congratulated her, said she was lucky – of course, there is no question of cure, it is not possible yet. But the virus has lost so much that it is not even detected by analysis. It is very good.

Has recommended time in couple of years to do or make the analysis PTSR, to supervise a liver by analyzes and US. Do not quit a diet, do not go back to bad habits.

July 2013

Surrendered the spectrum of the C-RNA virus was not detected. Ultrasound of the liver shows that everything is normal. They told us to live on in the same rhythm – after a couple of years, repeat the tests.

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