Hello! welcome on the blog “Life with hepatitis!” Despite this frightening name – this is a positive blog :). I started to lead it when a few years ago I found out that I had hepatitis C. The idea is simple – I’m interested in news about viral hepatitis – some new methods of treating hepatitis, promising research, results of experiments, diets, etc. I read all this in different sources and selected very interesting things for the blog. Naturally, supplementing materials with their own experience or additional material. Hepatitis is a common disease, and by myself I know how greedy people are searching for information, especially as soon as they learn about their diagnosis. Therefore, I choose the most interesting news (sometimes, translate them from Western sources) and share them. Sometimes I write something myself. My goal is to make an interesting and useful source of information for people who live with hepatitis, or in whose family there are people with this disease. To support them, to show that life is not over and everything is not so scary. And ordinary people also need information – there are a lot of misconceptions that need to be dispelled (for example, that this is a disease of drug addicts).

If you came across an interesting material on the topic – send it to me, please. If you want to share your experience, history or opinion – welcome to the comments to the posts.

Viral hepatitis is a common infectious disease. According to WHO, 4% of the world’s population is affected by various types of hepatitis (a, b, c, etc.). There is an opinion that in fact this number is 2-3 times higher because of the lack of research of a significant part of the population. It’s hundreds of millions of people in the world!

In Russia, only hepatitis C (the most dangerous form of hepatitis, leading to cirrhosis of the liver) is sick about 7 million people. There is no effective treatment for this disease and is not expected in the near future. There are courses to reduce the viral load, but they are extremely expensive (about $ 30,000) and are practically not available to Russians.

It is clear that patients with viral hepatitis are greedy for all news related to the prevention and treatment of hepatitis, various governmental (and non-governmental) programs for sponsoring treatment, etc.

This blog is designed to become a navigator in the sea of ​​news. I will track various messages in the news and post here. If possible, accompanying the material with comments or publishing as additional information. Therefore, please, if you read any news or just information that you would like to share with others, send it via the form on this page (text or link).

Also on the blog there will be a bit of personal experience – about what I’m facing, living with this diagnosis.